Smart Lighting Dimmers in Naples, FL

Smart home tech has been all the rage in recent years, and that trend looks unlikely to change. Homeowners across Florida and beyond are upgrading everything from security systems to thermostats in a race to improve their homes. In their rush to upgrade vital systems, there’s one hugely convenient and affordable smart home technology that homeowners can’t afford to miss: smart lighting. Read on to find out what Naples locals need to know about this novel technology, how it works, and how to install smart dimmer switches throughout the home.

What Are Smart Lights and Dimmers?

Smart lights, like all smart home technologies, rely on the Internet of Things (IoT). They’re equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices that allow them to be connected to the Internet and controlled remotely. Smart dimmers are a type of lighting that provides all the benefits of traditional dimmer switches with a modern twist. They feature multiple light settings along with all the benefits of automatic or remote control.

The Benefits of Installing Smart Dimmers

Smart dimmers allow residents to regulate the level of light in a given space to account for different tasks or situations. They enhance homeowners’ control over each room’s lighting to optimize both ambiance and energy use. The benefits of Smart dimmer installation include:

Total Lighting Control

The capabilities of smart dimmers extend beyond just allowing residents to control light levels. Many modern light management systems feature daylight sensors, for example, that can adjust the lights to maintain the right ambiance no matter what time of day it is. Others feature occupancy sensors that turn the lights off automatically when rooms aren’t in use. Just about all smart home technologies can also be controlled remotely.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Traditional dimmer switches are great for conserving energy because they allow users to set the light levels in a room to meet their needs without drawing unnecessary amounts of power. Features like daylight and occupancy sensors can help homeowners save even more money on their monthly energy bills.

Improved Security

Smart dimmer switches let homeowners and their families control lighting even when they’re not at home. Instead of leaving the house dark during a vacation, families can set their lights to turn on, giving the impression that someone is home and deterring potential home invaders.

Optimal Ambiance

Like all dimmer switches, smart dimmers offer far more control over the general ambiance in different rooms of the house. Some homeowners even take advantage of LED lights to create dynamic strategies with warm dimming, color tuning, or tunable white lights. Many of these LED dimmer switches also feature dynamic control systems that automatically adjust LED color to optimize indoor ambiance depending on the time of day.

The Importance of Working With Professionals

Despite the recent proliferation of smart home technologies, most American houses are not equipped to power these kinds of devices at their switches. The good news is, professional electricians are increasingly focused on bringing older homes up to speed. All homeowners have to do is call to discuss their goals and schedule an appointment.
A professional electrician will start by checking the home’s existing wiring and discussing the homeowner’s unique needs. From there, they’ll help clients determine which systems will work best in their homes. Popular brands include:

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And others

It doesn’t matter what type of smart dimmers homeowners want to install. It’s always best to request the help of a qualified electrician. Whether clients opt for a basic system that’s tied in to the family’s Google Home or Amazon Echo, or a more involved set of dimmer switches that interact with the security system, modern electricians are ready to help.

Other Upgrades to Consider

While homeowners are in the market for smart dimmer switches, they may also want to think about upgrading other elements of their homes. Smart switches and lighting are just the tips of the iceberg. Electricians can also bring older homes up-to-speed by installing smart thermostats, home doorbells, security systems, outlets, smoke detector services, and more.
The best part is, all of these advanced technological devices are becoming more affordable as additional manufacturers enter the market. These days, just about any modern family can afford to install basic smart home tech.

Find an Electrician

Interested in installing Smart dimmer switches in Naples Florida? Local homeowners can trust Coup Electric Co. to get the job done right. These experts have been in business for over a decade, and they’re committed to keeping up with all the latest trends. Contact them online or call (239) 228-6581 to discuss installing smart dimmers or any other smart home electrical upgrades today.