Outlet Installation in Naples FL

Modern electrical outlets offer homeowners and their families safe, reliable access to the power they need to keep all their homes’ appliances, devices, and lights running exactly as intended. Unfortunately, outlets sometimes stop working, and older houses often don’t have enough of them to accommodate modern families needs. Don’t resort to stringing extension cords and power strips across every room. Call an expert electrician to ask about outlet installation in Naples FL instead.

When to Replace Electrical Outlets

Sometimes, problems with electrical outlets are obvious. If someone plugs in a device and it fails to turn on even though it works just fine when it’s plugged into other outlets in the home, most people know to call an electrician. Residents should also pay attention to what happens when they plug devices into outlets that seem to be working just fine, though. If they produce sparks or feel hot to the touch, those are very serious signs it’s time to call for Outlet replacement.

Malfunctioning electrical outlets pose fire and shock hazards. They may not be the only ones in the home that need to be replaced, though. If there are regular outlets in any moisture-prone areas, those also need to go. Modern electrical codes call for ground-circuit fault interrupters in any situation that could involve moisture. Old, two-pronged receptacles are also both a safety hazard and a deviation from modern electrical codes. Each outlet is supposed to have not just a “hot” wire and a neutral wire, but also a ground.

Other Common Reasons to Install Outlets

The home’s receptacles don’t need to be malfunctioning for homeowners to call an electrician to discuss new Outlet installation. It’s fine to replace outlets for purely aesthetic reasons or to call an electrician to install new ones during a renovation or home addition. 

Some people install new outlets to accommodate lights, electronic devices, and other necessities upon creating home offices. Others just notice that their families have been relying too heavily on extension cords and want to cut back on their safety risks by adding more receptacles. Homeowners who construct new additions or outbuildings will always need the help of an electrician, not just to install the outlets, but also to run wiring, install new light fixtures, and perform other valuable tasks.

Types of Electrical Outlets

In the United States, there are eight types of electrical outlets, each of which is used in different situations. Standard wall plugs are 20 amp-125 volt outlets. They’re commonly found in just about every home. Other options include:

Duplex outlets that feature multiple plugs

Smart outlets that can connect to WiFi or smartphone apps for added functionality

USB outlets that feature USB connectors for the direct charging of cell phones and other portable electronics

Rotating outlets that let users change the orientation of the plugs

Heavy-duty 20 amp-250 volt outlets designed for major home appliances like washing machines and dryers

Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets for moisture-prone areas

Arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) outlets for preventing heat arching

Not sure what type of outlet will be required in a particular location, or need help figuring out how to accommodate the whole family’s lighting and charging needs? The best thing to do is always to call an electrician that specializes in custom home remodeling and renovations. These industry experts are familiar with all the options available to modern homeowners, and they’re better than most electricians at addressing design concerns.

Why Hire a Professional?

Some handy homeowners prefer to perform basic upgrades around the house for themselves, and that’s usually fine. If those upgrades require anything involving electricity, though, it’s best to leave the work to the professionals. Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous

Homeowners who opt to replace outlets themselves will need access to the right tools, understand how electrical systems work and what kinds of threats they pose, and have experience with home electrical repairs. Unless they check all these boxes, it’s not worth the risk of attempting even simple repairs or installations at home. It’s quite affordable to hire an electrician for outlet repairs and installations, and these pros will always take appropriate precautions to protect their safety and that of their clients’ homes.

Trust the Experts

Looking for the right electrician to install a new outlet? Homeowners in Naples can trust Coup Electric Co. with all their electrical needs. These experts have been in business for over a decade, and they specialize in residential installations and remodels. Browse the website to learn more about their services, request a free quote online, or call (239) 228-6581 to learn more about outlet installations today.