What Are the Six Signs to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel is essential to your home’s electrical system. It takes in the electricity from the utility company and sends it to different circuits in your house to power your appliances, lights, and other electrical devices. This component also allows you to switch off power to specific parts of your home when necessary, like during home improvement projects or when scheduling regular electrical panel services for repairs or maintenance. 

However, like other things, your electrical panel won’t last forever and will eventually wear down because of prolonged use, and this problem mainly affects older houses. For this reason, you should consider upgrading for your family’s safety and efficiency. 

If you want to enjoy a safer and more energy-efficient home, this article will enumerate six signs to call electrical panel services for an upgrade. 

1. You Have an Older Home

As we rely more on technology to accomplish our daily tasks, we need more electricity to power our homes. While recently finished houses will be more energy-efficient and have 100- or 200-amp panels, houses built before the rise of entertainment systems, air conditioning, and computers may not handle the electricity we need now with their 60-amp electrical amps. 

If you’ve been living in the same house for a while, it’s time to call professional electrical panel services to upgrade your electrical system. That way, they’ll ensure your units are up-to-date and meet current electrical codes. 

2. You’re Considering Upgrading Your Home and Appliances

Giving your house a new look can significantly improve your property’s comfort, functionality, energy efficiency, and value. Purchasing modern appliances can also let you access advanced technology to enhance your daily life. While this home improvement project and purchasing experience can be exciting, remember to ensure your electrical system can meet their demands. 

Whether you’ve made significant changes to your home or added more devices, you must let professional electrical panel services upgrade your system to provide enough power to your home. It will also help ensure your electrical system meets the increased energy demands. 

3. Your House Doesn’t Have Enough Outlets

Electrical outlets are essential in powering your home. However, if you frequently rely on extension cords for your daily tasks, your home doesn’t have enough outlets to fulfill your requirements, making them deteriorate rapidly and pose a fire hazard. Connecting multiple surge protectors and these cords can also cause you to trip.

You can protect yourself from tripping and costly disasters by calling electrical panel services to upgrade your system and add more outlets to your home. 

4. You Have an Overloaded Electrical System

Overloading an electrical system is dangerous because it can cause flickering lights, dimming when appliances turn on, and frequent breaker trips or blown fuses. It can also lead to singed outlets, burning odors, sparks from outlets, and shocks when plugging or unplugging cords. 

When this happens, you should immediately call electrical panel services to upgrade your panel. That way, you’ll enjoy a safer home that meets higher demands. 

5. Your Panel Is Full of Fuses Instead of Circuit Breakers

Homes built before 1970 may have outdated fuse-based electrical systems instead of circuit-based systems, which is not ideal for meeting modern requirements. 

Circuit breakers switch off when overloaded, ensuring the flow of electricity stops safely. On the other hand, overloaded fuses can melt, blow, or cause a short circuit and create a fire hazard. 

6. You’re Frequently Tripping Breakers

Upgrading your electrical panel can prevent circuit breaker trips caused by an outdated or malfunctioning system that no longer meets your needs. 


Being a responsible and successful homeowner means learning to keep up with the latest trends because we mostly rely on technology to help with our daily tasks. You can protect your family from hazards and become more energy-efficient by letting professional electrical panel services upgrade your system. 

If your home needs professional electrical panel services in Naples, Florida, call Coup Electric Co.! Our experts are ready to create a safe electrical system based on your needs and specifications. Contact us now, and let’s see how we can help!